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of PRAYERLuke 19:46

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Name: Jennifer L. 

request prayer for her mom who once walked with God but has fallen away...

That Holy Spirit would cause her heart to be soft and towards the things of God. That she would be repentant and surrender her life to the Lord.

Name: Becca Stewart


Please pray for complete restoration and reconciliation for my marriage - that God’s truth and God’s Will would prevail in my husband’s heart and mind. That my husband would be delivered and drawn out of the control and the dominion of darkness and into God’s truth and light. That God would step in and bring victory before this divorce gets finalized.

Name: Monica Young  



I am requesting you and all those you know who know and love God to ask God to heal my dad, to have mercy on him, and to give him more time on this earth with me and his grandchildren. He is on life support. His kidneys have failed again. Nurse said they are taking things hour by hour and doing all they can. Please pray very hard for my dad. His name is Russell Masters.

Thank you,

Name: Anonymous 
Request - Please pray for my family

Name: Anonymous
Request - Pray for young woman fighting suicidal tendencies

Name: Clara
Can you please pray for my family. Things are tough right now and we need God to guide us. . 

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